Best Fuel Cards for Mixed Fleets

Running a mixed fleet business means you need vehicles for every possible job – from scheduled international travel to last-minute local trips. Your company cars, vans or trucks must be able to travel locally, regionally, nationally or even across Europe – the success of your business depends on your vehicles being able to do whatever your customers need them to.

Fleet fuel cards prepare your vehicles to meet all its road travel demands – they’re the safety net that your drivers need to get to their jobs quickly and cheaply.

Choosing a fuel card is about ensuring that the benefits of the fuel card match your business needs.

There are fleet fuel cards for petrol and diesel vehicles, for businesses that want to pay on credit, and companies that work throughout Europe, and much more. You can also buy fuel-related products with your fuel card, meaning you can get cheaper repairs, tyre replacements, or toll payments.

Use iCompario’s completely free comparison tool to find the best fuel card for your business.

Top 5 fuel cards for mixed fleets

Name of fuel card Top fuel card for these mixed fleet businesses iCompario star rating
Shell Multi-Network Fuel Card Mixed fleet businesses who want nationwide coverage ★★★★★
TruckOne Fuel Card Mixed fleet businesses that have truck drivers ★★★★★
EDC Fuel Card Mixed fleet businesses customers throughout Europe ★★★★★
Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card Businesses who use both petrol and diesel ★★★★★
BP Plus Bunker Businesses who want excellent motorway coverage ★★★★★

Fuel cards save your business money

Our fleet fuel cards give you the flexibility to buy fuel from many fuel stations and supermarkets. This gives your mixed fleet business choice and makes buying your fuel cost-effective.

You can choose the best pricing option for your business and make sure you get the best price for its fuel.

But that’s not all.

Fuel cards can give you interest-free credit. This makes planning easier and allows your business to make savings.

Prepaid fuel cards save time for your mixed fleet drivers

Time is everything for your mixed fleet business – it’s the difference between your jobs making you money or costing you cash. Prepaid fleet fuel cards save your business time and make money for it – they pay for themselves.

  • Your drivers can fill up with fuel at a convenient location – saving them time.
  • You can give your drivers multiple cards – giving hassle-free refuelling
  • Your drivers can refuel from a huge network of stations – making their lives easier

You can use petrol & diesel fleet fuel cards in many stations

Does your mixed fleet business use petrol cars? Does it have diesel trucks? Does your business demand every possible type of vehicle? Whatever your business needs, there’s a fuel card to help.

Fuel cards let your company use the UK’s largest network of fuel stations – this allows your drivers to refuel in cities, on motorways, and HGV friendly sites.

You can get truck fleet fuel cards for your business

For a business with a mixed fleet, you need access to cheap fuel all of the time and for all of your vehicles – including trucks and HGVs.

Truck fleet fuel cards give your business access to interest-free credit. This allows them to fill up their vehicles at major stations across the country without worrying about having enough money to do so.

Truck fleet fuel cards also save time for businesses that rely on heavy duty vehicles. How? By cutting down on the admin that comes with paying for fuel with cash.

The way this works is that drivers don’t need to keep the receipts from refueling their vehicles – fuel cards produce HMRC compliant invoices. This means your business doesn’t need to waste time doing the books for its fuel, because the management software of your fuel cards does the hard work for you.

Fleet management fuel cards make VAT & admin less painful

No business owner likes VAT or admin – it sucks your time away, time that you could be spending with your family, friends, or on more important work. Fuel cards save you time so that you can do the things you like doing.

The online account management platform that comes with your fuel card simplifies expense administration. This means that you retain complete control of all business’ fuel spending and driver movements.

Fuel cards also create HMRC approved invoices, saving your business time on claiming back the VAT on the fuel it buys.

Fleet fuel cards can help if you have bad credit

Credit can be a big help for your mixed fleet business – it allows you to keep your drivers on the road and complete your jobs when cash flow is tight.

Fuel cards offer interest-free lending to your business and there are options for businesses with bad credit statuses – your business could be able to secure the access to credit it needs with a fuel card.