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Whether you are transporting stock or people from one destination to another, your van is going to need fuel.  

The problem is that refuelling your van can be costly and keeping hold of your invoices can be a nightmare.

But can this be made any easier for you? 


Fuel cards give you access to cheap fuel and come with HMRC approved accounting software – the best fuel cards for vans save you both time and money. 

We’ve made a list of the five best fuel cards for vans and explained the benefits of using them for your business – all you need to do is decide which is the right one for you. 

Five best fuel cards for vans

Fuel card Why it’s one of the 5 best fuel cards for vans iCompario star rating
BP Plus Refuel your vans at over 3,200 service stations including all BP sites plus partners Esso, Gulf and Texaco ★★★★★
Esso National Gives you access to 25% of all fuel stations in the UK ★★★★★
fuelGenie Lets you fill your van up at Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, & Tesco ★★★★★
EDC Provides access to fuel stations in 21 European countries ★★★★★
Shell Multi-Network Lets you fill your van up at Shell, Esso and Texaco stations ★★★★★


If you are in your van for any length of time you need a fuel card that supports you and understands your needs.  

Little things like being able to access your account when it suits you or on your mobile, being able to see what stations are on your route and allowing your drivers to buy a cup of coffee are often ignored when it comes to making a decision on a fuel card.  

Whatever your requirements, iCompario has you covered.

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Five best providers of fuel cards for vans

Fuel card provider Why it’s one of the 5 best fuel card providers for vans iCompario star rating
Shell Gives your business the security of fixed weekly fuel prices ★★★★★
Esso Lets you fill your cars up at 14,000 European stations ★★★★★
BP Grants you access to the UK’s biggest motorway network ★★★★★
Texaco Allows you to fuel your car at the UK’s main supermarkets ★★★★★
UK Fuels Offers an enormous selection of fuel benefits for your cars ★★★★★


If your business relies on a single van or van fleet, you might require the convenience of a large national network or price-competitive local network for your fuel requirements, and your card offering should meet that need. 

It’s why the best fuel card providers for vans let you refill at stations across the UK and Europe. 

How to decide what the best fuel cards are for your vans

With so many fuel card options for van drivers, it can be difficult deciding which one is best for your business. Indeed, it may be that you need more than one. 

When deciding what the best fuel cards are for vans, look for ones that offer you: 

  • Competitive fuel prices
  • A network of sites suited to your specific business requirements
  • Easy and detailed HMRC VAT compliant invoices to facilitate claims
  • The ability to allocate your fuel card to a driver or vehicle, or both
  • Helpful client onboarding and ongoing account manager support

Our fuel card providers can help you with the best fuel cards that allow you access to the country’s largest networks of premium fuel stations along motorways, towns, cities and in country locations – all you need to do is decide which fuel card matches the needs of your business.

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You can get fuel cards for petrol & diesel cars 

Need to use petrol for your vans? Maybe it’s diesel? Perhaps it’s both. Whatever fuel you need for your business, there’s a fuel card available. 

Petrol and diesel is a major cost for most of us and we understand that you need assurance and control over spending – often in real-time. 

Our card offerings give you the ability to buy petrol or diesel and have it allocated to a single driver or vehicle, or both should you choose. 

Fuel cards for vans make invoicing easier for your business

Do you face the arduous task of chasing drivers down for their fuel receipts? Or get frustrated trying to find the receipts when you need to submit your tax return?

The last thing one needs is a problem with VAT claims at the end of the month, so your card offering needs to allow easy and detailed VAT compliant invoicing at the drop of a hat.

Using a fuel card takes away the pain of VAT invoicing. How? By creating HMRC approved invoices automatically – you’ll never need to keep a fuel receipt again. 

But that’s not the only tax benefit from fuel cards. 

They can also help you with your VAT claims. 

This is because the HMRC approved invoices they create can be used to claim back the VAT on the fuel you use. Why? Because they show fuel cost as a taxable expense – something you don’t get from normal receipts.

A stack of 20 GBP notes

Fuel cards for vans can be used in thousands of fuel stations 

Do you use your van locally? 

Maybe you travel regionally? 

Do you have to drive across the UK?

Perhaps your business is spread throughout Europe

Whichever of these things are true for you, there’s one fact that you can take as gospel – there’s a full card that will let you fill-up your van wherever and whenever you want to. 

Why do we know this? Because the best fuel cards for vans give you access to thousands of fuel stations in the UK and Europe. 

Deciding on which fuel card you need for your vans? Here’s how to get it

It couldn’t be easier to get the right van fuel card for your business – all you need to do is choose the best fuel cards for your needs below, or give us a little bit of information and we will do the leg work.  Whatever makes life easier for you.