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Best company car fuel cards in the UK

  • Speed up your admin and tax reclaims on fuel
  • Get lower priced fuel and loyalty points
  • Find cards for the UK and Europe
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What are the best car fuel cards?

Every big fuel provider in the UK has some type of fuel card available. Each card has unique features and locations to use it. To find the right car fuel saving cards for your business, keep reading and dive into the details of the top six cards in the UK.


Fuel Card Name Best feature Where to use it
BP Plus company car fuel card
BP Plus Fuel Card
Many accepted locations in the UK BP, Texaco, Gulf, Esso
Esso Europe company car fuel card
Esso Europe Fuel Card
Fixed price fuel in 28 European countries Esso, Shell
fuelGenie company car fuel card
fuelGenie Fuel Card
Supermarket price fuel Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco
Shell multi company car fuel card
Shell Multi-Network Fuel Card
Weekly fixed prices for fuel at many brand locations Shell, Esso, Texaco, Gulf, Gleaner
Texaco fastfuel company car fuel card
Texaco Fastfuel Fuel Card
Wholesale price for petrol Texaco, UK FUELS, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s
Texaco fastfuel company car fuel cardFleetOne REV Buy diesel, petrol and electricity on one card EV charge points: NewMotion, IONITY, HastoBe, Fastned, EV-Box, ESB Group, Osprey

Fuel stations: Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsburys, Coop, UK Fuels Independant Fuel Stations

Best company fuel card in the UK: BP Plus

Company car fuel card from BP, the BP Plus fuel card for diesel and petrol

  • Use at over 3,400 stations in the UK
  • Excellent online account management
  • Good loyalty reward points system

BP fuel at fixed prices every week? Yes, please! The BP Plus isn’t just accepted at its namesake. You get to use it at Texaco, Esso and more too.

This makes it one of the biggest station networks in the UK. Wherever you company is based, you’ll have no issue making use of this card.

Giving out company fuel cards has many benefits. For starters, it’s much easier to track how much fuel your business is using when you’ve got an online account. The BP Plus online management system is one of the best you can get!

But it’s got benefits for drivers as well. Refill at BP and get BPMe rewards every time you pay for fuel. For regular BP users, this is a great reward system.

Best company fuel card in Europe: Esso Europe

 Company fuel card from Esso to use throughout Europe at 14,000 stations

  • Accepted at over 14,000 stations
  • Weekly fixed diesel prices
  • No minimum monthly spend

Car fuel card options for Europe are limited, but there’s one choice that stands out. The Esso Europe card is accepted in 28 different countries in Europe, making it the most accepted card on our list. For drivers going across the borders, this card will be of good use.

Many European fuel cards lock you into a minimum monthly spend agreement. If you don’t meet the spending threshold, you’ll be hit with a fee. The Esso Europe card doesn’t! So, small businesses and sole traders won’t suffer any silly fees for not breaking their piggy bank.

iCompario tip: compare fuel card tax

Taxes, taxes, taxes! Making the paperwork easier can save you time and many headaches. Using a business fuel card for business-use only means the company isn’t tax liable. But personal use changes company car fuel card tax rules. Your company has to pay National Insurance (NI) contributions on personal fuel usage if they pay using the company car fuel card.

Best for petrol cars: Texaco Fastfuel

 Car fuel card from Texaco for company cars

  • Use at over 4,000 locations
  • Choose your price type
  • Great for faster and easier admin

For so many drivers, petrol is king. But is there a car fuel saving card that gives competitive petrol prices at all the locations you need? The answer is yes. Say hello to the Texaco Fastfuel.

This company fuel card is one of the most widely accepted in the UK. If you want decent prices at Texaco and more choice, this is the card for you. When you apply for you card, you get to choose between pump or fixed prices.

Choose pump prices to pay as you usually do at the station. Fixed prices change every week, so they can help you plan out your budget and avoid price hikes in the week. Compare now to see what type of fuel card suits you best.

Best electric car fuel card: FleetOne REV

 FleetOne REV company car fuel card for hybrid and electric cars

  • Can be used to buy electricity, petrol and diesel
  • Easy to find affordable prices for fuel near you
  • Excellent for EVs and hybrid cars

Moving to electric energy isn’t easy when you have to find good charge points near you and deal with a bunch of different brands. The FleetOne REV is accepted at many brands’ stations (over 4,000 charge points in the UK!), so you can charge up with little to no hassle.

Saving cash on charging up can be tough when you use public charge points. This electric car fuel card comes with an app to find nearby charge points. All prices are on there too so you can shop around and find the cheapest electricity prices for your car near you.

Driving a hybrid car? No problem. Buy petrol on your card too. All your fuel costs end up on the same invoice to make any tax reclaims easier and faster.

Why get a car fuel saving card

Whether you use petrol cars, diesel or hybrids, fuel cards are the solution you didn’t know you needed ‘til you’ve tried it.

Fuel cards are available for petrol and diesel cars. You can pick from the biggest brands and use them to refill your car at stations across the UK and Europe.

Below, we’ve explained three of the top ways fuel cards benefit your business.

1. Car fuel cards can save you money on petrol and diesel

Fuel cards offer a variety of discounts on petrol and diesel. This can be a percentage discount off the pump price, a weekly fixed price that may save more depending on your region, or tracker prices that follow the wholesale fuel price with only a small premium added.

Fuel cards free up your resources because every transaction is recorded electronically and automatically. This saves a huge amount of time for your business, freeing up you or your staff to review every diesel and petrol purchase in aggregate by driver, location or purchase amount, to spot any opportunities to make savings.

2. Makes accounting easier for your business

Do receipts often go missing, causing no end of unnecessary work for you or your bookkeeper because HMRC demands that these must be recorded and kept for four years?

What about the stress and time involved in claiming all the VAT back on fuel as well?

Using fuel cards for your cars can cut out a huge amount of the expenses claims hassle that your business has to deal with. They keep an online record of what you spend and what you owe. No more worrying about a paper trail!

3. Gives you access to thousands of stations

Whatever the needs of your business, there’s a fuel card for you, that is accepted at filling stations where you need them. From supermarket fuel cards to multi-brand cards for the brands you love. Check out what fuel cards you can get with a quick comparison.

How to get the best car fuel cards

Not every fuel card is the same. We’ve seen some of the very best options in the UK and Europe.

When you’re ready, apply for your fuel card. Once your application has been accepted, your fuel card(s) arrive in the post.

Still undecided or want to make sure you’ve found your match? Compare cards now.

Read more about fuel cards on iCompario

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