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fuelGenie Fuel Cards

Refuel your company vehicles at the UK’s top supermarkets

fuelGenie can be used in many of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. This makes it a very popular choice amongst businesses small and large, regional and nationwide because your fleet drivers are never far from their closest fuelling station.

The fuelGenie card comes with admin tools online that make it easier for you to manage your fleet business. These benefits reduce the amount of time you spend logging fuel receipts and processing expenses claims. They also help with your cash flow management and make it easier to submit your VAT reclaims to HMRC

With a fuelGenie card, your drivers can collect loyalty points on their Tesco Clubcard, Morrisons More Card and Nectar Card each time they fill up. This means you can give a little staff benefit to your employees at no cost to yourself.

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Fuel cards through iCompario

How many fuel cards does fuelGenie offer?

fuelGenie offers one fuel card, the fuelGenie fuel card.

fuelGenie Fuel Card

fuelGenie fuel card

  • Unlimited amount of free cards 
  • No surcharges on fuel
  • Earn supermarket loyalty points
  • Online account management 
  • Creates HMRC-approved invoices

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Where can you use fuelGenie fuel cards

fuelGenie is the ideal fuel card for businesses that get their fuel from supermarkets. It’s accepted in Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s petrol stations across the UK. 

  • Stations in the network: over 1,300

Your drivers can use the fuelGenie station locator to find the nearest supermarket forecourt. 

All they need to do is enter their postcode and they’ll be given a list of petrol stations, with the station address, distance, and directions all provided.

fuelGenie Fuel Card Benefits

  1. Reduce fleet admin time: all your fuel expenses are recorded electronically, plus access to 24/7 online account management tool
  2. Savings on fuel expenses: you can get access to fuel discounts and collect supermarket loyalty points
  3. Tracking and fraud protection: fuel cards are a secure payment method
  4. Easier to submit accounts to HMRC: HMRC-approved invoices are created 
  5. Reduces your company’s carbon footprint: your drivers will no longer collect paper receipts for their travel expenses, helping to make your business more sustainable

fuelGenie Fuel Card FAQs

Where can fuelGenie cards be used?

fuelGenie cards can be used at the petrol stations of three of the UK’s biggest supermarkets — Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. You can use your card throughout the UK, with over 1,300 garages accepting it across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

How does fuelGenie work?

fuelGenie works the same way as all other fuel cards. It lets you buy your travel expenses on credit then pay for them at a more convenient time for your business. These expenses include petrol and diesel, along with transport-related items like oil and AdBlue. 

Is it worth getting a fuel card?

Fuel cards can make it easier for you to manage your fleet. They allow you to take a “buy now pay later” approach to your fuel expenses, from the petrol you use to fill up your vehicles to the oil you add to them to keep their engines lubricated. You can decide if it’s worth investing in a fuel card reading the features and benefits of the specific brand and card you’re interested in.

Need help choosing a fuel card?

Ready to choose a fuelGenie fuel card? Or are you still weighing up your options against other brands? To see how fuelGenie compares to the other brands on iCompario you can use our “Quick fuel card compare tool” below. You just need to enter the number and type of vehicles and type of stations your company uses and it will give you a list of the best fuel cards available for your specific needs.